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Your future is too important to leave to chance. Whether it's being affected by your criminal record or your lack of a proper will, discover how skilled legal counsel can help. Attorney LaKisha Ledbetter-Anderson is prepared to help you seek an expungement, outline your final wishes, and work through issues of probate. You deserve the chance to take control of your future and move forward free from stress. Reach out to the attorneys at Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC today for a free 30-minute consultation in Houston, Texas.

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LaKisha Ledbetter-Anderson

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After reaching her lifelong goal of becoming an attorney, LaKisha Ledbetter-Anderson always thought she would practice in the area of civil rights. However, her move from Kansas City to Houston led her to newfound interests in other aspects of the law. She opened her own firm—Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC—in 2007 with the goal of helping clients pursue the brighter futures they deserve. Whether you need to seek an expungement of your criminal record or resolve a probate-related issue, let LaKisha provide you with knowledgeable legal advice. From her office in Houston, Texas, she proudly serves clients throughout the area, as well as residents of Kansas City, Missouri.


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The attorney at Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC understands you need a lawyer who is easy to reach. When you call her firm in Houston, Texas, she will be the one to answer and help you get started on a path forward.

Attorney Ledbetter-Anderson focuses on building strong relationships with her clients that last long after their cases have closed. Tell her your story today. She is prepared to help you create a strategy tailored to your unique goals.

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When the outcome of your case will directly affect your future, you deserve to be kept fully informed. Attorney Ledbetter-Anderson involves her clients in all major decisions because she knows just how impactful they can be.

She is ready to use her years of experience to skillfully guide you through the legal process. Do not hesitate to ask questions or voice your concerns. Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC makes your needs a top priority.

Put a Skilled Legal Advocate in Your Corner

Once a criminal conviction is added to your record, it has the ability to impact nearly every aspect of your life. You may experience a decrease in employment and educational opportunities as well as strained relationships with loved ones. However, hope is not lost. Get in touch with an expunctions lawyer to learn more about your options for a fresh start.

The attorneys at Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC know people are more than their mistakes, which is why Attorney LaKisha Ledbetter-Anderson has dedicated her career to helping them pursue expungements of their criminal records. Whether your record includes a DUI, a misdemeanor, or a felony, she is ready to guide you through the process in either Houston, Texas, or Kansas City, Missouri.

Losing a loved one is difficult enough without the added stress of probate. If your family member died before they had the chance to leave a will, you likely have a lot of questions. Start working with a knowledgeable attorney who knows how to navigate the probate process. You deserve the chance to move forward without the interference of a complex legal issue.

For a free 30-minute consultation of your case, contact Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC today. Attorney LaKisha Ledbetter-Anderson is prepared to be your advocate in Houston, Texas, or Kansas City, Missouri. Reach out to her when you need to seek a clean slate after a criminal conviction, or if you're looking to put a probate issue behind you.