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Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Houston, Texas

It can be incredibly intimidating to consider what will happen to your loved ones and your assets after you've passed away. Give yourself peace of mind and a sense of security by creating a comprehensive estate plan. By outlining your final wishes, you get to decide how your property is distributed once you're gone and prevent your family from facing complex probate issues.

Ensure your estate plan is legally binding by working with an experienced lawyer. The attorneys at Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC are prepared to help you draft a will, establish trusts, assign powers of attorney, and address any other aspects of the estate planning process. They are also well-versed in probate procedures. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today if you need legal advice in the Houston, Texas, area, or in Kansas City, Missouri.

Why Do You Need a Will?

A will allows you to communicate your final requests regarding things such as the distribution of your property and the care of your children. With a valid will, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Name an executor of your estate

  • Outline who will receive your assets and when they can access them

  • Prevent your assets from ending up in the wrong hands

  • Determine guardians for your children

Putting a will in place can save your family members from a great deal of stress in the event of your passing. Start drafting yours today with guidance from a skilled attorney in Houston, Texas.

Move Forward with Confidence

What is Probate?

If a recently deceased loved one left you with very little guidance regarding the distribution of their estate (i.e. they failed to leave a will), you could benefit from the assistance of a probate attorney.

Probate is a court-supervised legal process involving the property and liabilities left behind by a recently deceased person. The goal of probate is to ensure the decedent's debts are paid and their assets are allocated to their chosen beneficiaries. If you've been confronted with an issue of probate, you may be forced to deal with tasks such as:

  • Proving the validity of the decedent's will in court

  • Identifying and taking inventory of the decedent's property

  • Having property appraised

  • Paying debts and taxes

  • Establishing an estate bank account

  • Distributing the remaining property as the will (or state law, in the absence of a will) directs

The probate process can be overwhelming, but you do not have to face it alone. Contact Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC today for knowledgeable legal guidance.

How an Attorney Can Help

The laws surrounding probate make it difficult to navigate without professional assistance. Luckily, Attorney LaKisha Ledbetter-Anderson has the skills to guide through it. She is ready to provide you with her undivided attention as you explain your situation and your desired outcome. Attorney Ledbetter-Anderson will then use her in-depth experience to inform you of your options and help you decide the best path forward.

After the loss of a loved one, you should be able to focus your full attention on grieving, not a stressful legal problem. Reach out to Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC in Houston, Texas, for compassionate advice when you need it most. Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC proudly serves clients throughout the area, as well as residents of Kansas City, Missouri. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation today.

Estate Planning & Probate Attorney in Houston, Texas

Put your future—or the futures of those you love—in confident and capable hands. Get in touch with the attorneys at Ledbetter Anderson & Associates, LLC when you need to create a will or navigate an issue of probate in Houston, Texas, or anywhere else in the surrounding area.